The products offered by RBnano bring new features to your surfaces. 

Learn about the features of the products we offer. Whatever the product and the desired functionality, our experts are here to help you. 

Mechanical and chemical protection
This function is intended to protect your product against phenomena such as corrosion, scratches, high-temperature oxidation, sulfidation…
Physical Properties
Optical (color, IR-absorbing, anti-reflective), magnetic (ferromagnetic, antiferromagnetic, superconductor), electronic (semiconductors, TCO, conductor) ... Learn about RBnano physical functions!
The living world
We have developed formulations of antibacterial coating that is applied to the most exposed everyday objects. Our R&D team is also involved in biomedical research with teams of doctors and pharmacists to develop bifunctional biomarkers (simultaneous MRI and biphotonics imaging).